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  • SOFT.

    A baby's skin is more delicate and vulnerable. At Maison Lex we are constantly searching for the best and softest fabrics to support sensitive skin. Aside from fabric sourcing we put a lot of effort in the design of each individual model. We consider placement of the labels, closings and other unpleasant items.


    The fashion industry is a high demanding, mainstream market thriving through mass production. In our design process we put full focus on creating timeless pieces. This means designs are being reused in future collections. We don't want to be dependent on trend but want to make conscious and sustainable choices. 


    Organic fabric is grown without the use of pesticides and other chemical fertilisers making it simply better for our health and environment. Maison Lex clothing is made of natural organic fabrics which are gentle on the skin. In our first collection, we have used organic cotton, merino wool, organic silk and baby alpaca.

We are Maison Lex.

Our purpose is to create quality garments for your little ones. Our products are made from organic fabrics. We hope you enjoy your Lex item as much as we do enjoy designing them


Why 'Maison Lex'

‘Lex’ refers to the men in the family. Sander, Alex, Sacha (tsar Alexander’s nickname) and Alexander. The Greek meaning of Lex is ‘defender of men’.

Where do the names come from

Ville, Valde, Billi, Opal, Tilly, Taiga, Miksi and Magun were sleddogs who accompanied us during our back to nature trip. .

A Belgian brand

Yes, we are based in the Province of Antwerp. Everything is designed in Belgium. First drawn by hand and then technical files are made for the manufacturer. Manufacturing is done depending on the origin of the material to reduce the ecological impact. The material is always our starting point.

The current Essentials collection is manufactured in Portugal and the scarfs and beanies are handmade in India. Read all about this social project on our Crafts page.

Also our hang tags have been produced in Portugal in order to be close to the clothes when finished by the manufacturer.

Why Organic Fabric

Organic fabric or natural fabrics are better for our skin. Organic clothing is made without the use of potentially harmful chemicals or toxins that could irritate the skin.

Organic cotton for instance uses far less water. The main benefit of organic materials is that the crops aren't treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful for farmers and workers, us as consumers, and entire wildlife eco-systems.

Our garments are made of organic fiber. The sourcing of fabric is always our starting point. Key factors in the choise of material are: organic fiber (natural fibre, not syntetic), soft touch, suited for sensitive skin, good stretch and good overall quality fabric.

Currently used natural fiber in the collection: Organic Cotton - Merino Wool - Natural Silk

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Lex Crafts Collection

Opal - Beanie

Opal - Beanie

From Regular price €30,00

Billi - Scarf

Billi - Scarf

From Regular price €40,00

SETPRICE - Billi and Opal

SETPRICE - Billi and Opal

From Regular price €55,00